About Christina


I have been involved with Holistic healing since 1978, trained in Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies for an intentional community of 65 people. I used CBD oil for several years due to hip pain, and when a friend told me about My Nutra’s Hemp Paste, I signed up as a distributor immediately, because I knew intuitively that this would work a lot better than the oil–and sure enough, it did! I have used it exclusively to recover from the after-effects of hip replacement surgery for the past year, and before then, as a fantastic tonic and inflammation relief. I have a lot of success stories, but a notable one was that a friend whose pain was so intense he was on extended morphine treatment without relief, had pain relief immediately from the Hemp Paste full spectrum paste! He is now a distributor. I know this product is much more effective than any of the oils, even cold-pressed oils, on the market. I am happy and honored to represent this